Meeting Onew at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in the early morning of 11/26

I was thinking why someone would wear such a hat so when I saw I ran towards him subconsciously!!!!! Lee Jinki did not return to Korea, he went to some island in Thailand (she didn’t mention which island). Next to him were 2 ahjussis (old men) holding big DSLRs and they even filmed me. He even smiled at me, asked where I was going and said bye bye. I must have gone crazy.

She added: He wasn’t alone, there were 2 staff ahjussis who were holding DSLRS following him. One of them took pictures, the other one was recording. Everyone don’t misunderstood, he wasn’t alone. I think he is filming something or a CF

Additional: He boarded the flight at 7:05am

T/N: The island that Onew has gone to is Krabi.

Chinese fan account: nomuxilo
Translated by: vivinjolian @

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