Event “”Dazzling Girl” SPECIAL SHOWCASE” detailed determination for a buyer!

Detailed determination of the event for a “Dazzling Girl” buyer!
Apply on November 1 until November 13, and hold at five places across the country in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Sapporo.

■ SHINee The new single “Dazzling Girl”
first time production limited board A of “”Dazzling Girl” SPECIAL SHOWCASE” October10 release I invite to “”Dazzling Girl” SPECIAL SHOWCASE” by a lottery out of the first time production limited board B and those in whom either of the boards [part for first time production] usually subscribed during the period after purchase based on application essential points.


■ Thurs., November 1     : Fukuoka Zepp Fukuoka
■ Fri., November 2           : Osaka Zepp Namba
■ Thurs., November 8     : — Tokyo Zepp Tokyo
■ Mon., November12      : — Nagoya Zepp Nagoya
■ Tue., November13        : — Sapporo Zepp Sapporo
* Please look at a goods enclosure flier about the details of an application method.
* The flier of the board is usually enclosed only with a part for first time production.
(Since it is not enclosed, please understand after the end of first time production.)
* It can subscribe once per goods 1 item.
(The number of times of an application does not have restriction.)
Moreover, you can apply to two or more halls.
* I show around later for details (time of onset, the number of times of a public performance, etc.).

Source : shinee.jp/news

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